EFWES has a wealth of 15yrs experience in design,fabrication and production of wood efficient stoves both for institutions and domestic households. EFWES offers trainings to the youth and women entrepreneurs who do installations and distribution for sustainability of the technologies as well as creating employment. EFWES is also experienced in biogas technology both for domestic, commercial and industrial level. EFWES has also the expertise to produce, purify and bottle biogas into cylinders for commercial purposes.

EFWES completed installation of energy saving stoves for 30 schools within Nanyuki rivers water catchments as an initiative of the EU and the Kenya government through Community Development Trust Fund in saving the Mt.Kenya forest which have been destroyed over the years by loggers and charcoal burners. The enterprise has been the key partner in reafforestation campaigns of the said heritage site of Mt.Kenya forest in training the community on alternative energy technologies by supplying,installing and maintaining the clean cook stoves with over 5000 units installed both at household and institutional level.

EFWES is also currently doing installations of biogas digesters being funded by GEF/UNDP.We have already installed over 200 units within Mt.Kenya region alone with more still on the installation list.EFWES is also currently distributing solar lanterns/lamps to the communities which are off-grid together with other partners like SNV and ENDEV.The targeted group include marginalized pastoralists who are very far from the grid as well as who require energy saving clean stoves which we have been supplying.

EFWES looks forward to up-scaling this installation of stoves to more households. Laikipia county itself has a population of over 500,000 households who require a clean energy stove and solar lamp! With the Network partnerships already established between EFWES and Local Sacco's and community based organizations, EFWES looks forward to upscale the current production of 400 stoves per month to 1000 stoves per month.
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